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We’ll sell it for you – how West Port’s windows will help you hit target

Let’s be realistic. As a merchant, the products you’re most inclined to try and sell are the ones that are easiest to sell. You’ve got targets you need to hit – and some let you hit those targets much quicker and easier than others.

 But if you’re asked to think of a highly ‘sellable’ product, you’re unlikely to point to timber windows and doors. PVCu, maybe. Drills, tools, accessories and so on, definitely. But timber products are expensive, hard to maintain and prone to quickly deteriorate in bad weather – aren’t they?

 Short answer - no, they’re not. Modern timber offers better long-term value than the alternatives, is quick and easy to maintain, and is priced far more competitively than you’d expect.

 Once, timber products were far from perfect. They were made of softwoods, susceptible to rotting and warping when exposed to the elements, and genuinely did require regular maintenance to keep in good condition.

 But that was decades ago – and joinery has come on leaps and bounds in that time. All a modern engineered timber window needs is a light sanding and recoating once a decade, and it’ll last at least sixty years – considerably longer than the lifespan of your average PVCu product.

 In fact, when it comes to performance, in many respects it’s timber that’s now leading the pack. A lot of homeowners and tradespeople have been led to believe that uPVC is the most thermally efficient, environmentally friendly option on the market, for example. But it isn’t.

 A unit’s energy efficiency rating is determined by the glass, not the frame – and making a PVCu window pumps 160kg more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than making a timber one does.

 It’s a similar story when it comes to fire resistance. It’s often claimed that uPVC is the best material for fire doors and similar products - but plastic windows can contain lead, cadmium and mercury among other harmful chemicals, which are released in extreme heat and can cause permanent respiratory problems.

 But even if all that is true, the misconceptions about timber are still widely held. Doesn’t that mean it’s more time and cost-effective to stick to selling what your customers are familiar with, rather than trying to bring them round to the virtues of timber?

 Again – no it isn’t. With quality timber products from a proactive, sales-focused manufacturer like West Port, you can make more sales, enjoy higher margins, and hit your targets more quickly.

 How? It’s simple – we’ll sell it for you.

 If you get a lead for one of our products, or even if someone visits your counter and expresses a passing interest in them, take their details and send them through to us. We’ll take it from there.

 Our dedicated sales team will contact them, and do everything they can to convert the lead. If they succeed, you get the sale, and we get the custom.

 You might think we’ll have our work cut out, selling premium-quality timber products to cautious traders. But we often find we’re pushing at an open door.

 Consumer appetites have shifted dramatically over the past ten years. There’s a desire to get away from ever-present white PVCu, and a new interest in more stylish, tasteful alternatives.

 Builders and other tradespeople know this – and on the phone with one of our hugely passionate and knowledgeable salespeople, it’s often not long before they see the sense in offering timber.

 So don’t write off the greenest, safest, most desirable window and door material on the market. It’s got huge potential to help you make more sales, hit target, and grow your counter – and at West Port, we’ll do all the hard work for you. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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