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  • West Port wows crowds at first ever Glazing Summit

    Cumbria’s West Port windows flew the flag for timber at May’s Glazing Summit.

    The fast-growing fabricator was the only timber company sponsoring the landmark event and Managing Director Sean Parnaby also took to the stage to debate the future of fenestration materials.

    “The Summit was a fantastic platform to tackle some of the biggest misconceptions about timber in…

  • Timber - the most sustainable material of them all

    Thankfully, we’re gradually winning the war against misconceptions about the oldest and best building and fenestration material of them all – wood.

    There’s a growing awareness that timber isn’t the expensive, maintenance-heavy material many people think it is – and that its poor reputation in some quarters has nothing to do with timber itself, but stems instead from the cheap and…

  • Don’t fake it – get the real thing!

    ‘Traditional timber looks, without the cost or maintenance!’ – in a nutshell, that’s the message coming from the ‘timber-alternative’ market.

    But it’s wrong. Even the best, most detailed uPVC products can’t convincingly pass for wood – and modern timber is a stunning, long-lasting, high-performing window material.

    So why are so many installers settling for second best?

    Once, timber products were far from perfect.…

  • FD60 now available from UK’s finest fire door fabricator

    West Port, the UK’s foremost timber fabricator, is expanding its already market-leading fire-rated offering with the addition of an FD60 door.

    Recent years have seen the Cumbrian firm build a reputation as the country’s go-to supplier for quality timber fire doors.

    Its best-in-class FD30 product managed to withstand temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Celsius for 42 minutes 7 seconds, or 40%…

  • No excuses - fire safety now has to be construction's highest priority.

    Last summer, after decades on the side-lines, fire safety was finally centre-stage – for the worst possible reasons.

    Grenfell was a national catastrophe – one of those traumatic moments that scars a generation, and ensures that, for better of for worse, things will never be the same again.

    It’s a tragedy that it took a disaster on that horrifying scale to make…

  • Best of both worlds – how West Port combines traditional joinery with state-of-the-art manufacturing

    Combining time-honoured craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Cumbria’s West Port Windows & Doors offers something unique in UK glazing – entirely bespoke, best-in-class timber window and door products, available in volumes that no traditional joinery can match.

     It’s that balance of the best aspects of large and small-scale fabrication that’s allowed the Maryport firm to thrive over the last twenty years…

  • Don’t settle for second best – timber is the top choice for modern windows and doors

    “Enjoy the traditional look of timber - but without the cost or maintenance issues!” In a nutshell, that statement is the main marketing message from the ‘timber-look’ window and door market.

     Sounds like a compelling reason to choose PVC-u, but is it actually true? According to Sean Parnaby, managing director of leading timber fabricator West Port Windows & Doors,…

  • New Year Message - West Port

    We’ve been incredibly pleased with our performance over the last few years, and 2017 very much continued that trend.

    There’s been a big shift in consumer attitudes, with homeowners moving away from mass market uPVC products and becoming much more interested in quality and value as opposed to cost alone.

    For a while, that manifested itself…

  • Glass News Voice of the Industry - West Port

    At West Port, we’re expecting great things for 2018 and beyond. With Brexit on the horizon, installers are increasingly putting their faith in high-margin, high-end products that can appeal to affluent and aspirational end users.

    After a number of years when timber alternative products were the talk of the industry, we’re now seeing attention shift to timber itself –…

  • Letter to the editor: West Port Windows & Doors

    Fire safety is finally getting the attention it deserves. The tragedy is that it took a catastrophe on the scale of Grenfell Tower to make that happen.

    We’re now faced with a once-in-a-generation chance to drastically improve fire safety standards throughout construction – and in glass and glazing, we can start with the most basic fire safety product of them all:…

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